“I had been searching for a Williamsburg Chiropractor for a while when I finally found Dr. Adam Wilding in 2010. I have been to two other chiropractors in the Williamsburg area, but none that helped me achieve my goal of managing my headaches and migraines until I found Dr. Wilding. I believe that Chiropractic care is not just a science, but also an art. The goal is not just to reduce pain, but to also prevent it from re-occuring. I have finally found a match to the firm adjustment style that I had been looking for as well as the technique that has helped me reduce the number my migraines.

I also have been extremely happy with his friendly staff. The ladies at the front desk are always professional and warm. I look forward to seeing the whole team each month. I highly recommend Commonwealth Family Chiropractic.”

Jill C.

“Having gone to numerous chiropractors over the years, I’m familiar with the “one-size-fits-all” approach to chiropractic care. I appreciate the individual style that Dr.
Adam Wilding employs. He is always fully engaged and listens to my concerns and addresses them every time. His staff is a true compliment to his great care. They are
always friendly, accommodating and professional. They have worked miracles with my schedule more than once to get me in to see Dr. Wilding quickly. As someone who works
in healthcare, I don’t make recommendations lightly to family and friends. I have recommended Commonwealth Family Chiropractic to many. They are terrific!”

Pam L.

“As a Naval Aviator, in my younger life, I experienced several aircraft accidents that did damage to my upper and lower back; including a double compound fracture of
the L5 vertebrae and a spinal subluxation. A subluxation is an actual shifting of adjacent vertebrae, which can jeopardize the spinal chord and is very sensitive to work around
without creating a major trauma. Dr. Wilding has done wonders to get my upper back in shape while being very sensitive to my lower back problems that always seem to pop up,
I would not be out on the golf course and enjoying all the physical activities of my retirement. And I cannot say enough good things about the staff of Commonwealth
Family Chiropractic, from working appointment problems, sorting out insurance company billings, and doing all the hands-on therapy that is so important to my overall
chiropractic health. The entire team is totally customer focused.”

John H.
Captain, USN, Retired

“Always able to resolve any and all of my back problems to keep me up and running. A friendly greeting upon my arrival makes me feel welcome every time. Able to
answer all my health questions, even when they aren’t specific to my spinal health.”

Judith P.

“Dr. Wilding and his staff are simply WONDERFUL!! They are friendly, sincere and display the utmost concern in the care of their patients. I do not hesitate to recommend Commonwealth Family Chiropractic to all my friends.

Thanks to Dr. Adam Wilding, Joanna, Annette, Taylor, and Emily for helping me maintain the quality of life through Chiropractic Care.”

Nick L.
Dear Commonwealth Family Chiropractic,

I wish to thank you again for your great service and successful healing spinal pain these last years.  I will share, perhaps for the first time, I had such debilitating a half dozen years ago I would take off work weeks at a time to lay prone at home hoping pain would cease.  That led me to another prominent area chiropractor who treated me six months with increasing pain and a wrong diagnosis as it turned out.

I then visited an orthopedic surgeon who properly identified a bulging disc problem and prescribed prescriptions and over the counter pain medications which I did not wish to become addicted to or prolong an inevitable back surgery.

Thanks to God, I called Commonwealth Family Chiropractic for an opinion and consultation.  Dr. Wilding quickly identified in helpful detail the root of my spine issues and gave me a precious gift – hope!  Dr. Adam Wilding’s confident, assured assessment that within eight visits, three months time, I would be fully pain free and require only periodic future maintenance visits was startling.  His forecast sounded  too good to be true after years of suffering, and it was – as instead of three months I felt normal again, free of pain and sciatic symptoms in just a few short weeks!

The courtesy of staff at Commonwealth Chiropractic has been first rate.  Your interest in my wellness and satisfaction has been evident.   I am several years without any pain, am able to fully exercise, do outdoor work, stand in long lines, and maintain an active lifestyle without fears.  An incredible gift!  I would be delighted to be resource for anyone considering your good practice who wishes to contact me.  My life since choosing Commonwealth Family Chiropractic has been wonderful and consulting Adam the best personal health decision I ever made.  I hope my personal experience may be helpful to others and extend this letter of thankfulness to all.

Ron T.